Change of Address
If you have moved since you first registered to vote in Miller County, you must file a change of
before you can vote.

An address change
cannot be done by telephone.  We will need a signature before we can make
the changes.

After we have received your change of address, we will mail you a new Voter ID card.

There are several ways to change your address:
-  Come into our office.
-  Fill out the back of your voter ID card with your new address, sign, and mail it to our office.
-  Mail or fax the necessary information.

If you do not have your card, you can mail or fax the below information.  We will need:
-  Name
-  Old Address
-  New Address
-  Mailing Address (if different)
-  Date of Birth
-  Telephone Number
-  Signature

Mail or fax the information to our office.

Mail to:       Miller County Clerk's Office
         P.O. Box 12
         Tuscumbia, MO  65082

Fax to:        573-369-1905   
Change of Name
If you have changed your name, you will need to come by our office and sign a new card to be
placed in our permanent card file.
Miller County Clerk's Office