Here in Missouri's central Ozarks, Miller County was originated 1837, and named for Missouri Governor
John Miller.  In territory ceded by Osage (French pronunciation for Wazhazhe Indians) 1808, the county
was first settled 1807, by Wiliam West.  Early pioneers were from Kentucky., Tennessee, and Virginia.  
Two major Indian trails ran through the county.

Tuscumbia, the county seat, was laid out 1837, and named for Tuscumbia (Chickasaw for Warrior Who
Kills), Alabama.  The town site, given by J. B. and J. P. Harrison, had been an Indian trading camp. On
scenic osage river bluffs, below Bagnell dam, the town was once a noted Osage Riverport and a number
of steamboats were built there.

In the Civil War, minor skirmishes and guerrila raids halted county growth.  From the 1870's to early
1900's, lead mining first begun in 1850's, was carred on and the vast timber resources were harvested.  
In 1882, a branch of the Missouri Pacific Railroad was built to Bagnell, then a leading railroad tie shipping
point.  In 1903, today's Chicago, Rock Island and Paciifc Railroad was built through northern Miller County.

Miller County, through which flows the Osage River, is a resort, farm, and lumber area.  Frenchman
Charles Du Tisne, on an exploring trip in 1719, crossed the county south of the Osage, and in 1806,
Zebulon M. Pike's Southwest expedition camped along the river.  Bagnell Dam, forming Lake of the
Ozarks, was built on the Osage in the county by Union Electric Company of Missouri, 1929-31.

Iberia, south of the Osage, laid out 1860, was the home of Iberia (Congregational) Academy, later a junior
college.  1890-1951 established by G. Byron and mable (White) Smith.  Other county towns include
Ulman, settled in 1840's; Brumley and Saint Elizabeth, founded in 1870's; Olean and Eldon, resort town
and railroad center, 1882; Etterville and Kaiser, early 1900's; Lake Ozark 1932.  Early schools were
Miller County Institute at Spring Garden, 1870; Miller County Academy at Aurora Springs, 1881; Eldon
Academy, 1886.

Of interest are Bagnell Dam, Lake of the Ozarks State Park in Miller and Camden counties, found 1935;
Aurora Springs, noted Spa of late 1800's and Stark Caverns, born near Eldon; and Wilson's Cave near