Notary Public Information
Notary handbooks and applications are available on the Secretary of State's Web site or at the
Miller County Clerk's Office.
To qualify for a Notary Commission:

1.  You must be at least 18 years of age.
2.  You must be a registered voter in the county within and for which you are commissioned.
3.  You must apply for the county in which you legally reside.
Steps to becoming a Missouri Notary Public:

1.  Read booklet provided by State
(can be obtained on the
Secretary of State's Web site or from the Clerk's Office)

2.  Send completed application to the State along with a $25.00 fee made payable to:
State Director of Revenue.
(Application is on the Secretary of State's Web site or in the booklet.)

3.  You will need to obtain an insurance bond in the amount of $10,000.  (This should be done after a
letter is received from the
Secretary of State's office notifying you of your commission dates.)

4.  You then sign the Oath of Office and the Notary ledger in the Clerk's office,
and pick up your certificate.  (Fee is $6.50)

5.  Your notary stamp and supplies should be purchased.
(The County Clerk's Office does not sell notary supplies.)
Miller County Clerk's Office